CHART 10 Year Anniversary

CHART quietly celebrated its 1- year anniversary August 2020.  Quietly because the COVID-19 lockdown prevented us from having the in-person media event and celebration.  We did receive a proclamation from the Clatsop County Board of County Commissioners at their September 23, 2020 meeting.  You cAan view the reading of the proclamation here in the first 4 minutes.  You can view or download the proclamation here: Signed BoCC proclamation.

Since 2010

The Community Health Advocacy and Resource Team is a multi-sector community collaborative focused on improving the health of Clatsop County residents. CHART helps create alignment among agencies and projects.

We look at the multiple causes of chronic conditions in the community like lifestyle choices, our environment, and policies that impact our health. We look at food availability, options for physical activities, education opportunities, transportation, housing, infrastructure, etc.

CHART is under the umbrella of Clatsop County Department of Public Health

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We work collaboratively with community members to impact policy, systems, and environmental change to raise the overall health of all Clatsop County residents.