A county whose residents are informed and empowered to seek healthy lifestyle options to ensure an optimal quality of life.


Working collaboratively with community members to impact policy, systems,
and environmental change to raise the overall health of all residents of the county.


Passionate, Respectful, Hopeful, Friendly, Trust worthy, Fun, Open minded, Creative, Flexible, Action oriented, Quickly adaptable, Informal


CHART is a multi-sector community collaborative focused on improving the health of Clatsop County residents. CHART operates in the background and helps create alignment among agencies and projects.

We look at the multiple causes of chronic conditions like our lifestyle choices, our environment, and policies that impact our health. We look at food availability, options for physical activities, education opportunities, transportation, housing, infrastructure, etc. CHART ‘s primary goal is to raise the overall level of health for all Clatsop County residents.


Backbone Expectations (from Collective Impact)
Public Health currently serves as the lead, or backbone organization in partnership with Oregon Health & Science University.
The back bone organization will:

  • Convene
  • Facilitate Dialogue
  • Support Communications Across Partners
  • Guide Collective Vision and Strategy (hold the big picture)
  • Support Alignment/Coordination activities
  • Mobilize and leverage resources
  • Administrative and Logistical Support
  • Data collection and reporting, establish shared measurement practices
  • Build public support and advocate on policy (external communications)

Participation is revolving and evolving, and is open to all community members who want to work together, network, and brainstorm to achieve a greater level of health for everyone in Clatsop County.

Alternative organization representation is encouraged when possible to maintain consistency of communication and shared knowledge between meetings.

Decision Making
Decisions will be made by consensus when possible and by a simple majority of those present when consensus cannot be reached. It is encouraged to use “fist to five.”

Financial Structure
CHART functions with no operating budget. Should the need for a fiscal agent arise, one will be decided on at the time of need based on the specific project and partners involved

Letters of Support
CHART is asked from time to time to write a letter of support for a member or community partner’s grant proposal or project. If the majority of members present are supportive, a letter can be written by a member on “behalf of CHART” but should use the following disclaimer:

“The views and opinions expressed in this document are those which reflect that of the collective of the Community Health Advisory and Resource Team and do not necessarily represent the opinion of a single member or entity belonging to this collaborative.”


  • CHART values transparency and strives to function behind the scenes to support the initiatives and programs of the lead organizations and partners.
  • CHART maintains an online presence via their website and Facebook social media group.
  • CHART communicates with members through monthly email meeting reminders with agendas and minutes.
  • CHART maintains a calendar on this website that members are encouraged to use to post events, classes, and other happenings to share.