Here are some answers to common questions.

How often does CHART meet?

The CHART meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday of each month.

Check our Events Calendar for the next meeting time.

What is the purpose of the meetings?

We recognized a need for collaboration between different organizations and agencies to reduce the duplication of services within Clatsop County. The goal of sharing information about health programs and initiatives is to improve the health of the county from a whole perspective. Now we have input from many sectors of the community in addition to public health, including transportation, housing, parks and recreation, food systems, hospitals, schools, and senior programs. Each sector affects health and we wanted to provide that extra boost to work together toward healthier outcomes driven by a community perspective.

Our members add specific and unique expertise to the CHART discussions. For example when agency representatives share specific knowledge of currently running programs or upcoming events in Clatsop County it allows other representatives the ability to coordinate or provide additional services.

How to submit an event?

Event Submission video:

How to subscribe to the CHART calendar? 

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How does the team select projects?

CHART is committed to keeping the flow of initiatives progressing and understands that not all members can be present at all times. We use the following methods to depending on the nature of the project.

  • Participative decision making by members helps to keep the decision making processes informal to allow creative ideas and collaboration to happen.
  • A consultative method is more formalized and used for deciding the type of projects and larger decisions.
  • The delegative method is used when a subcommittee is formed. An example of the delagative method was the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) process having a subcommittee and relaying the information back and forth at CHART meetings to help collaborate and share ideas about the processes within CHIP. CHART members voted on priority areas. The votes were tallied to rank the selections. The order of rankings was discussed and agreed to the prioritization for the CHIP. The CHIP helps further CHART’s efforts by narrowing down the overall community needs in terms of improving the health of Clatsop County. CHART and the community will be able to use the CHIP data to further their cause to help improve the policies to help people take control of their own health.